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Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention 11    •    March 9-12, 2023    •    In Tucson, AZ

WWWC9 Featured Guests

Special thanks to our WWWC9 Featured Guests

Brian Kesinger

Brian Kesinger is an Annie award winning story artist, illustrator and author. His 20+ year career at Disney has spanned both hand drawn and cg animated films from Tarzan to Frozen 2. In addition to Brian’s film work he has also become a celebrated author and illustrator of several books that showcase his style, wit and ability to tell engaging stories in original ways. His artistic journey has lead him to find an additional home with Marvel Comics and Lucasfilm where he blends his animation background with the comic artform to create dazzling and expressive art.

www.briankesinger.com |  Instagram @briankesinger | Twitter @briankesinger

Leanna Renee Hieber

Leanna Renee Hieber is an actress, playwright and the author of thirteen Gothic, Gaslamp Fantasy novels for adults and teens for Tor and Kensington Books such as the Strangely Beautiful saga, the Magic Most Foul trilogy, the Eterna Files trilogy and The Spectral City series. Her fiction career began with her futuristic paranormal novella Dark Nest, which won the 2009 Prism Award for best novella, given by the Futuristic, Fantasy and Paranormal chapter of RWA. The Strangely Beautiful series hit Barnes & Noble and Borders Bestseller lists and garnered numerous regional genre awards, including two more Prism Awards for best fantasy novels, with revised editions now available from Tor. 

Wheeler Stone

Wheeler Stone (aka Doc Stone) is the owner-operator and principal Artist of Doc Stone Studios in Winchester VA. He has been a leather artist and Metalworker for over 25 years and is recognized for his designs worldwide. Type Steampunk into any search engine and you will see one of his completely original designs in just a few pictures.

Doc Stone has been seen in movie roles in House of Cards, and has worked in notable films such as The Crucible, and Goodwill Hunting. Wheeler recently had 3 separate roles in AHC’s American Titans as well as Guest spots in the reality show Suddenly Royal. Wheeler most recently acted in the Steampunk Film Secret Within the Sphere to be released later this year.


Thomas Willeford

I was described by a friend recently as a “Victorian Viking”. I make corsets and Costumes for a living and truly love my work. I tend toward the Steampunk scene because it is the closest thing to “Me”. I’m a bit of a “Geek who came in out of the cold”. I have my nerdy interests but refuse to embrace the social obtuseness that often comes with it.

Paige Gardner

An award-winning costumer who regularly appears as a guest presenter on unconventional costuming at science fiction and fantasy conventions in the U.S. and Canada. Creating extravagant and eye-catching looks, Paige is recognized for her “costume as art” ethic through original projects constructed from found, salvaged or vintage items. As a costumer who doesn’t sew, Paige is a popular panelist who shares her enthusiasm for costuming with the minimum of resources and the maximum of tenacity! Paige’s humorous approach to daunting projects features shocking shortcuts, fresh ideas, and eccentric tips for building costumes using salvaged items, thrift store finds and other unlikely oddments.

Tony Ballard-Smoot 

Tony Ballard-Smoot also known as Captain Anthoy LaGrange is a model, cosplayer/costumer, speaker and enthusiast who works diligently to promote the geek, nerd and fandom communities. He travels extensively around the United States working within the various communities facilitating panels, giving speeches, leading workshops and working to influence inclusion and acceptance. 

Some of his passions include tea, Dungeons and Dragons, dancing, anime, Marvel Comics, Star Wars, Star Trek and urban fantasy novels. He can be found on Instagram as @captlagrange and his Facebook page Captain Anthony Lagrange.

Tayliss Forge

Tayliss is a cosplay model and artisan crafter. She was also a contestant on the show “Steampunk’d.” A majority of her time is spent as a bridal seamstress for her day job and creating costumes and accessories for her online business: Nonconformity Accessories. 

She loves leather-working and creating custom corsets, bracers, purses, etc. She also enjoys making replicas of jewelry, and clothing from movies, TV shows, anime, video games, or board games. She often attends anime and comic conventions where she wears her costumes. Most of her costumes are heavily influenced by historical fashion.

Michael Parodi

Michael Parodi retired as a Lieutenant Colonel from the Army after 30 years of Active and Reserve duty in the U.S. Army.  He is a true to life airship commander.  He currently manages a fleet of eight aerostats supporting national and border security for the United States.  

He is the proprietor and master artist of Master Creations, Enterprises located in Hayes, Virginia.  He and his team have received multiple accolades and awards for his costumes, props and vehicles across the United States.  He is also a member of the Hatton Cross Steampunk family.  He is currently working on two novels and is continuing to create wondrous contraptions.


John Strangeway

John F. Strangeway, aka Steampunk Boba Fett, is one of the most recognized figures in both the Steampunk and Star Wars fan communities. He had the idea for a Steampunk variation for quite some time but lacked the resources to build the suit to match his vision. That changed at in 2009, where he met Matt Silva of Penny Dreadful Productions. A few months later, PDP began work on the suit, which debuted at Dragon*Con 2009 to overwhelming acclaim. Since then John has worked with numerous prop makers and designers to bring his passion for cosplay to life. 

John’s ultimate stance and goal in cosplay is to keep the fires of unity and creativity within the Steampunk communities roaring. Reminding Steampunks that you are only limited in how far, fun, and fantastic being Steampunk can be by your own hands and mind. Keeping humor alive and bringing a positive outlook and energy to every event he attends. Now a guest of several conventions, John F. Strangeway looks forward to meeting and greeting steampunks wherever he goes!

Madam Askew and the Grand Arbiter  

Our very own Madam Askew and her co-shenaniganator the Grand Arbiter have been members of the Convention since it’s inception.  As a performer, she hosts many of our events; costumes and curates tea and talent with unparalleled joie de vivre. She has grown the steampunk community here in Tucson with some of the most incredible events, and as the hostess of Tucson Steampunk Society, demonstrates the incredible kindness and generosity of spirit.  Our Ambassadors of mirth and goodwill, include the gracious Grand Arbiter, who, as her co-host for many a tea-duelling event, engages and captures the imagination of all those present. These incredbile humans have also perfect the art of compliment duelling, leading these clever and quippy bouts of positivity to enrich our very community.  

Please watch for these glorious two in upcoming events around Tucson and the world!