Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention 12   •    February 29th – March 3rd, 2024    •    In Tucson, AZ


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Spectacular Guests at WWWC12

Grab Your Goggles - Steampunk's Best are Wild West-Bound!

Saddle up partners! The Wild Wild West Steampunk convention is riding into town with an all-star lineup of spectacular guests. We’ve gathered the best and brightest Steampunk experts, performers, and artisans from across the country for this unforgettable weekend.

Tony Ballard-Smoot

Good evening, friends and travelers!
We have a new guest announcement today for everyone who’s waiting and I know you are! Please help us welcome back Tony Ballard-Smoot!
Tony is a modern day Renaissance man, a veritable Jack of all trades. His skills encompass a wide range from the athletic to the artistic, combining such activities as swordplay, martial arts, and archery with modeling, costuming, and theatre, both on stage and on screen.
Tony works diligently to promote authenticity and being true to one’s self in all avenues of life. He encourages others to embrace their “inner geek” whether it be in Dungeons and Dragons, alternative relationships, or costuming.
Tony is an avid traveler, tea specialist & gamer and is always on the search for new friends, experiences, and adventures.

Madame Askew and the Grand Arbiter

Madame Askew and the Grand Arbiter are partners in tea and time travel! Together they spread their signature brand of whimsy and kindness as presenters, entertainers, and emcees.
Whether hosting compliment dueling or delving into the depths of their teacups looking for answers about life, the universe, and fashion, these two cheeky chums travel across Steampunklandia sharing their tea and tomfoolery!

Calamity Dawn

WWWC12 is excited to welcome @calamity_dawn to our illustrious event!
Calamity Dawn brings masterfully built beverages from her home bar in Ohio, where she hones her craft as a premier bartender. Renowned for her taste in gin, herbal liquors, and Malort, Calamity is a charming and welcoming host for evening parties. She shares her knowledge of distillation, history, classic cocktails, and beverage science in an approachable, fun way that livens up classy, black-tie affairs and raucous celebrations alike.

Steampunk Xena

Inger Talbot, better known within the greater Steampunk community as Steampunk Xena, is a fire performer and enigmatic personality. A staple of the steampunk community since 2012, having discovered her intense passion for cosplay and retro-futurism while at Balticon in Baltimore Maryland. Beginning with her first persona/outfit in 2014 at the Steampunk Unlimited event in Strasburg Pennsylvania. She unveiled “General Security” a modernized take on a vampire hunter, sporting iconic eye fashion aka sunglasses and inspired by military attire, she was dubbed that moniker due to the eccentric arsenal the character wielded. She first premiered her Steampunk Xena persona in 2016 at the now defunct Steampunk Worlds Fair, and has been expanding upon it updating the pieces to keep it fresh. In 2016 she also discovered a new joy and passion through fire art, spinning, eating, and breathing fire etc. Her next step was to join the Pyrophoric Fire Troupe, eventually branching outwards by creating her own troupe, the SteamFire Femmes. She has proudly performed at venues along the east coast garnering awe and applause. And after recently moving to Michigan has brought her own brand of fire and steampunk shenanigans to the Midwest, with expansions to the West Coast and Central areas of the United States on the horizon.

Many more announcements are on the way!

We have many more amazing people to introduce you to, so stay tuned to this page and our Facebook page for regular updates and information!