Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention 10    •    March 3-6, 2022    •   Westward Look Resort, Tucson AZ


Our grand poobah is:  Jason Drotman

Jason has been an owner of WWWC since 2013. He has been a part of this convention since the very first planning meeting in 2010, exploring the crazy idea of putting on a Steampunk convention in the Tucson desert. Jason works closely with the convention management team, Hotels, and Old Tucson, striving to make this the most remarkable Steampunk event possible.



Deena Drotman

This “First Lady of the Convention” has been part of this amazing event since WWWC2 (2013). She strives to make this the best  convention ever with her fabulous background in customer service and business.
Deena and Strangeway 500px


Director of Entertainment:  Jared Pike

Spends countless hours listening, watching and researching your favorites as the Director of Entertainment!


Director of Marketing: Cassandra Sparrold Shute

As a member of this team since WWWC2, I am devoted to cultivating our community through awesome team-building and outreach
  • Street Team:  Joey Green
  • Town Criers: Demi Robertson
  • Photo/Media: Dawn Cooper: You work hard on your look year after year, and we want to show that off!
  • Social Media: Cory Benzenhoefer
  • Quality: Sarah Cumberbatch


Director of Programming: Kiara Scrafano

Specializing in event management, I am very excited to bring to the table new and innovative ideas!
Roll for initiative on this extraordinary journey we will embark on together!

  • Programming Coordinator: Jen Smith
  • Family Zone Manager: Amber Marieiro
  • Gaming Manager: Derrek Page 
  • Films Manager: Hal Astell – Apocalypse Later Roadshow





Logistical Operations

Director of Logistical Operations: Micheal Meyer 

As director of logistics, I’ve been with WWWC every year now, I work hard to make it a great event.  If you see me, don’t hesitate to say hi!
  • EMS: Jamie Archer: As manager of EMS, I provide response & care of health emergencies for guests and staff alike.
  • Logistics: Smithy Ritchie
  • Vendors: Zoe Martin
  •  Vehicles: James Breen
Mike and Tayliss

Business Operations

Director of Business Operations: Destry Strauss

Proudly serving our vibrant community since WWWC3, I do whatever I can to make sure that everyone has the support they need to do their best work, and strive to maintain integrity in our operations.
  • Merchandising:  Jo Johnson
  • Guest Services: Lizzy Trail
  • Aristocrats: Sue Sparrold
  • Volunteers: Suzann Addison: I guide our many wonderful Volunteers to create a community full of support and diversity.


Director of Immersion: Christin Pike

My goal is to transport convention attendees into a fantastic world of imagination! From decorations to immersive activities and events, I want to help you have fun at Wild Wild West con!

Inspector General

Inspector General: Ray Rai

  • Making sure we follow our own rules and operate with the highest levels of ethics, inclusiveness and personal responsibility.