Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention 12   •    February 29th – March 3rd, 2024    •    In Tucson, AZ


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Consider joining our AMAZING TEAM!


Jason Drotman

Jason has been an owner of WWWC since 2014. He has been a part of this convention since the very first planning meeting in 2010, exploring the crazy idea of putting on a Steampunk convention in the Tucson desert. Jason works closely with the convention management team, and the hotels, striving to make this the most remarkable Steampunk event possible.



Deena Drotman

This “First Lady of the Convention” has been part of this amazing event since WWWC2 (2013). She has done everything from being a panel moderator, to the volunteer manager and now Co Owner! Her favorite part about the convention is seeing all of the beautiful creative costumes. She has worn many hats over her career and endeavors to utilize that experience to better the convention. 

Deena and Strangeway 500px

HR Director

Ray Rai

He makes sure we follow our own rules and operate with the highest levels of ethics, inclusiveness and personal responsibility.


Executive Director 

Micheal Meyer 

As Executive Director, he has been with WWWC every year now, he works hard to make it a great event.  If you see him, don’t hesitate to say hi!

Mike and Tayliss

Personal Assistant

Breann Archer

This will be her 2nd year working with the Con, but she has been involved since year 2. She looks forward to furthering her journey within the Convention, and she can’t wait for many years to come.


Marketing Director

Cassandra Sparrold Shute

As a member of this team since WWWC2, she is devoted to cultivating our community through awesome team-building and outreach


Operations Director

Zoe Martin

She started attending WWWC year two and became totally hooked on the world of Steampunk. The following year she started to volunteer on our Street Team, then Aristocrats, then moved up to Vendor Manager and now she is Director of Operations. She looks forward to supporting our various teams and staff to help create an amazing and fun convention every year. Please feel free to say hi when you see her.


On-Site Programming and Entertainment Director

Patti Hanson

Joining the staff of WWWC in its second year, Patti was thrilled to find a way to combine her love of sci-fi and all things Victorian with a chance to play dress-up. She brought a theatrical background to her role in stage management for the last eight years and is excited to join the awesome group of directors to assist with all the details of programming and entertainment during the convention.


Guest Relations Director

Destry Strauss

Proudly serving our vibrant community since WWWC3, he does whatever he can to make sure that everyone has the support they need to do their best work, and strive to maintain integrity in our operations.


Charity Director

Jo Johnson

Having been “voluntold” by her daughter (*snickers*) to the convention at WWWC5, she has been moved around to where there was a need. She has worked with Guest Services and Merchandising in the past and will be working with our Charity Department this year. She has met many people and enjoys seeing all the creativity and hearing their stories. She looks forward to another year with a new challenge.

IMG_3039 (1)

EMS Director

Jami Archer

She started with WWWC year two as a volunteer, moved up to EMS coordinator, then manager, and now she is a director. She has had help along the way with a team that has kept everyone safe for almost a decade, and she couldn’t do it without them.


Sponsorships Manager

Natalia Lopez

Natalia is a Puerto Rican self taught Illustrator, Monster Maker and hyperactive Goblin. Her art tends to lean towards horror though she occasionally dabbles in Fantasy and Science Fiction. She has volunteered for Tucson Zombie walk, TusCon and WWWC. When she isn’t making monsters and art, she spends her free time catering to 2 hyperactive chihuahuas and a 16 lb Murder Floof.


Logistics Manager

Smithy Ritchie

Butcher Baker and batteaxe maker, I’m head of the heavy lifting crew, come hang with me on my team if you don’t mind being behind the scenes making sure everyone has tables and chairs and are ready to help unload gear for vips and or band members.


Artist Alley Manager

Lizzy Trail

Lizzy is a Tucson transplant all the way from the south east in the Metro Atlanta area. There she worked as a volunteer with Anime Weekend Atlanta for 4 years in Accessibility Services and Registration. Lizzy brought her talents and experience to WWWC back in 2019 as a last minute volunteer. WWWC 10 saw Lizzy filling the role of Guest Services manager, welcoming all of the guests with her rainbow hair and smile that can be seen under any mask. WWWC 11 will see her in a new position as Artist Alley manager. After 14 years of attending conventions, Lizzy is excited to take on her new role at WWWC 11.


VIP & Fan Tables Manager

Nova Terra

Nova has been apart of WWWC scene since the second year of the con. He has risen through the ranks (insert Rocky 2 montage) and this year he is the V.I.P. table and Fantable Manager. Feel free to come up to him and say “Sup’ homie!” at anytime.


Vendor Manager

Daniel McCabe

He started at WWWC6 and worked 2 years with the security team and 2 years with the logistics. He was offered the chance to take on the Vendor manager role for WWWC11. He has found a place and group of people he enjoys being apart of and enjoys helping.