Special Guests

Special thanks to this year’s Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention 8: March 8-10, 2019!

WWWC8 Welcomed:

David Stipes

David is a two time Emmy® Award-winning VFX artist with over 40 years of experience in the film industry, including in visual effects and animation. This includes “Buck Rogers,”  “Battlestar Galactica,” “The Flash,” “V” “Intruders.” He served as Visual Effects Supervisor for Star Trek “The Next Generation,”  “Voyager,” “Deep Space Nine,” “Enterprise”. This includes creating computer-generated imagery (CGI) for Star Trek. In his own studio, he boasts 12 + years producing visual effects including for  “Circuitry Man,” “Creepshow,” “Lawnmower Man,” “Real Genius.” Additional info at http://www.davidstipes.com/

Darrell Stokes 

Derrell Stokes is a gifted paranormal spirit photographer who is able to take photos of beings from the other side. He is as able to receive messages that he shares with others to help guide and assist them in healing. He is also, able to connect with animals, angels, and many other spiritual beings.

Tobias McCurry

Tobias McCurry is a costumer, prop maker and entertainer out of Seattle who is best known for his works on Steampunk’d as a maker. Tobias specializes in genres from Steampunk to Post-Apocalyptic, creating immersive works involving costuming, prop weapons and more!

Professor Elemental 

Originally Emcee Elemental became Professor Elemental, showcasing his skills at Steampunk World’s Fair, Waltz on the Wye, WWWC.  His illustrious lyrics showcase his joy in tea, his one-time rivalry with fellow “chap-hop” artist Mr. B The Gentleman Rhymer. He has also appeared in the “Steampunx” episode of Phineas and Ferb, and an episode “The Bewildering Bout of the Astounding Automatons” of Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero.

Clifford Mahooty

Is a retired civil and environmental engineer, and a member of the Zuni Pueblo Indian Tribe  He has worked for Shell Oil Company, US Federal Government in Environmental justice for Indian tribes,  and as Tribal housing projects in the USPHS as a commissioned officer for departments of water, wastewater, EPA enforcement in environmental compliance.

As an active member in the Zuni orders, he practices Kachina, Galaxy Medicine Society, Sun Clan leadership and as a wisdom keeper of the Zuni history. 

Su Walker & Reverend White Otter

 Is a professional clairvoyant, medical intuitive with over thirty years of experience.  She has been featured on national and international television, with over 10,000 hours in assisting in telepathic translation for the twitter account @sandiawisdom

Neil & Sol Gaur

Neil Gaur is the founder of Portal to Ascension, an online platform for conscious events that are designed to empower humanity through ancient knowledge and spiritual wisdom. He is a sound healing practitioner in which he uses ancient instruments to create a meditative experience that aligns the chakra system and empowers the individual.

Sol Gaur is a sound healing practitioner. She plays a range of ancient and modern instruments that emanate frequencies which are designed to align and heal. She will be performing a group experience as well as offering one on one sessions during the expo.

Wheeler Stone  

Wheeler Stone (aka Doc Stone) is the owner-operator and principal Artist of Doc Stone Studios in Frederick MD. He has been a leather artist and Metalworker for over 25 years and is recognized for his designs worldwide. Wheeler has many years of set design and production in his resume’. As a Film actor Wheeler has acted recently in “House of Cards”, 3 separate roles in AHC’s “American Titans”, the Reality TV show “Suddenly Royal”, Movie credits include –  “Good Will Hunting”, “The Crucible”, “the Firm” and many more.

Tayliss Forge

Tayliss is a cosplay model and artisan crafter. She was also a contestant on the show “Steampunk’d.” A majority of her time is spent making costumes and accessories for her online business: Nonconformity Accessories. She loves leather-working and creating custom corsets, bracers, purses, etc. She also enjoys making replicas of jewelry, and clothing from movies, TV shows, anime, video games, or board games. She often attends anime and comic conventions where she wears her costumes. Most of her costumes are heavily influenced by steampunk and Victorian fashion.

The Towers

This unique Steampunk, Geek, and Alternative Fashion duo boast many Multi-Award Wins as Master Builders. Located out of Southern Oregon, The Towers pride themselves on finding and creating high-quality, durable products that will last.  Founded in 2011, Lord & Lady Towers has spent years honing their crafts to make the creations you see today.

John Corey

Thought to have evolved from a sludge pit where lightning struck, combining several minor organic molecules into a self-replicating bit of novel RNA or DNA; cooked several billion years until golden, multi-cellular, vertebrate, mammalian, and now walking upright (Mondays not included); the subject obtained his masters’ degree in Mechanical Engineering from Union College, then set out to save more energy by his professional work than he consumed by living to do it. While fully expecting this personal breakeven point to come from the high-technology advances that he was trained to pursue; in fact, this engineer-inventor satisfied this goal by his development of insulating cellular window shades, now sold worldwide and sufficiently profitable to allow a life of continued investigations into other energy-related issues and devices. Though incorrigbly generalist in outlook and behavior, he has specialized in regenerative thermal energy conversion technologies, especially Stirling and related thermodynamic cycles, and their applications in power and cooling engines.

Madam Askew and the Grand Arbiter

Galactic Steampunk Federation Ambassadors, the Grand Arbiter and Madame Askew of Madame Askew’s Temporal Entourage are time traveling tea aficionadi who have brought tea and merriment to the streets of Wild Wild West con since WWWC 2. These two mavens of fashion are often the center tea inspired escapades such as Tea Duelling and Splendid Teapot Racing. There are often found extolling the virtues of Compliment Duelling and inclusive etiquette. The Grand Arbiter, that immortal avatar of Chaos, will be dispensing his signature brand of tea-based justice throughout the weekend, and Madame Askew will, no doubt, be found chasing teacups and chapeaux around every corner.

Thomas Willeford

We are  excited to welcome back steampunk maker and gentleman scholar, Thomas Dean Willeford ofBrute Force Studios by Thomas Willeford! Author of multiple books for steampunk makers, frequent guest speaker and presenter, and gifted Artisan, Willeford has long inspired fellow steampunks to explore the world of making and artistry. With a ready wit and kind warmth for both novice and experienced makers, Willeford brings his love and knowledge of the genre to every panel and conversation. Enjoy panels and discussions with Willeford throughout the convention weekend!



James Neathery

James Neathery is an artist and maker from Nashville, TN. He began working on small leather projects as a hobby in early 2011, focusing on steampunk and dieselpunk. Since then, James has moved from small leather projects into other areas such as armor, electronics, metalwork, and fabrication, but he is probably best known for his hand crafted leather watches. His work landed him a spot on the TV series “Steampunk’d.” He has been featured in many steampunk publications and forums, and several of his items have been on display at the Nashville Tandy Leather store, The Dragon Con Alternate History Track, and even a steampunk display at the Smithsonian. You can see James’s work at www.starboardsky.com, and follow him at www.facebook.com/StarboardSkyLeatherworks and on Instagram @starboardskyleather.




David Lee

David Lee is an artist at Hatton Cross Steampunk, located in Gloucester Virginia. His art has been featured in numerous exhibits at conventions, festivals and art galleries throughout the US, Europe and New Zealand. A highlight for David has been to play the Steampunk Darth Vader in “Trial of the Mask” and “Mask of Vengeance”, two Steampunk Star Wars fan films from Unruly Mile Films. He is currently producing and staring in a new Steampunk maker TV show entitled “HCS Creates” (in production). He has played a supporting role and prop maker for the TV series (in production) “Paradox City”. David is most recognized for his large props and Steampunk vehicles. He is the founder and owner of HCS Publishing, a non-profit publishing house dedicated to publishing high quality, great stories. He is the author of the novel “Country in Ruin:1865″, novella “The Tale of Harlesden Chessington” and short story in the HCS anthology “Steam & Steel: Thirteen Riveting Tales”. David is a contributing “DIY” author for many publications, has been featured in numerous books about Steampunk fashion and costuming.


Born and raised in Germany, Aela began her journey in belly dance mid-2001. Formerly a gymnast, jazz and ball room dancer, she quickly fell in love with the art of belly dance. Since then, she has trained countless hours, worked, studied and performed with some of the top dancers in the field. She has made a name for herself by teaching and performing throughout Europe and the USA. Performing for Turkish and Arabic audiences has provided the perfect opportunity to learn to improvise and perform to live music. All of this experience has shaped not only her dance style, but her ability to teach others to dance. Aela has taught and performed at such prestigious events such as the Las Vegas Bellydance Intensive, TribOriginal, Rakkasah East, the Down East Bellydance and Drum Festival, the Taksim in Berne Switzerland, the official German championships (Judge) and numerous studios throughout Europe and the US.
For more info visit: www.aela.biz