Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention 12   •    February 29th – March 3rd, 2024    •    In Tucson, AZ


WWWC-12 New Main Logo -NoTop 2K

Saturday Concert

Saturday night at Old Tucson is the Big Concert!

Saturday March 7th, starting at about 7:00pm.

Performers include Poision Garden with special guests Marquis of Vaudeville!


Headlining: Poision Garden

We are thrilled to announce that WWWC is the first American event outside of New York that Poison Garden will be performing at! We’re so excited to present you this amazing Steampunk band that we’re flying them from their home in Italy.

Have you ever imagined what a gramophone would have played if rock was born two centuries ago? Poison Garden is the answer: a modern and aggressive sound sunk into the noise of a century that never was.  THE PAST BEGINS TODAY.

[Poison Garden – Facebook Page]

Marquis of Vaudeville

WWWC9 is the first stop on Marquis of Vaudeville’s 2020 American tour – promoting their new album!

Marquis of Vaudeville emits an extraordinary sound that spirals listeners on an utterly imaginative, musical merry-go-round. One never knows what moodswung journey they’ll embark upon once these musical highwaymen hijack their consciousness.

The act has composed and licensed music for a variety of film projects & television shows such as the syndicated series ‘Charmed‘ & Showtime Network’s hit series ‘Dexter‘.  [Marquis – Facebook]  [Official Website]


How our concert works:

You will be given a concert wristband by our guest services team when you visit our will call to get your tickets. (Thursday night at the hotel or at the WWWC will call inside the official WWWC entrance during park hours.)

While the park closes at 6:00pm Friday and Saturday of the convention, attendees with concert tickets and a valid wristband may stay in the park after 6:00pm as you are not required to leave when the park closes. Stay in the park, enjoy a dinner at a restaurant and line up for the concert. If wristband is lost you will be required to pay a wristband replacement fee.