Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention 12   •    February 29th – March 3rd, 2024    •    In Tucson, AZ


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Special Guests – WWWC11

We are very excited to share these special guests who will be a part of WWWC11!

K. W. Jeter

A native of Los Angeles, K. W. Jeter wrote his first novel Dr. Adder in 1972; when published twelve years later, Philip K. Dick praised it as “A masterpiece… a truly wonderful novel.” Jeter later coined the word steampunk,” in a letter to Locus magazine in April 1987. After residences in England, Spain & Ecuador, he currently lives in Oklahoma City. 

K. W. Jeter’s steampunk novels – Morlock Night and the George Dower Trilogy, Infernal Devices, Fiendish Schemes, and Grim Expectations – are available from the publisher Angry Robot.

Brian and Sheila Fadrosh

Well-known in the Northeast Steampunk scene, Brian and Sheila Fadrosh are the dynamic steampunk cosplay duo behind the YouTube channel Building Steam. This award-winning couple are self-taught cosplay creators and love to talk about building practical cosplay skills and cosplay inclusivity.
Brian is the award-winning master Foamsmith behind BF Designs and loves creating large armor builds, the more elaborate the better! He most recently was awarded first place at the Baltimore Comic-Con for his Dungeon and Dragons Lord of Blades build.
Sheila is a fabric artist, known for her attention to detail, individual style, and elaborately beaded and hand-crafted costumes. Under the name Lady De L’Etoile, she also teaches fun dance classes at events that get even the most confirmed wallflower out on the dance floor.
Brian and Sheila are two of the producers of Key City Steampunk. Both are heavily involved with the Pennsylvania Steampunk Facebook group of which Brian is the lead administrator. Brian and Sheila love steampunk not just for its aesthetic but for the sense of community it provides.

Bruce Rosenbaum

Bruce Rosenbaum has been dubbed the Steampunk Guru by the Wall Street Journal and Steampunk Evangelist by Wired Magazine. Bruce’s functional Steampunk artwork has been featured in the Boston Globe, The Chicago Tribune, The New York Times, Architectural Digest, CNN, and NPR and featured on MTV, A&E, HGTV, and Netflix.

Bruce’s company, ModVic, works with clients all across the world to take period, repurposed, personal and meaningful objects, and creatively infuse them with modern technology to transform the ordinary into incredible Steampunk functional placemaking art. The Steampunk art and design process celebrates history while setting a path for a reimagined better future — telling the personal stories of objects, individuals, organizations, and places.

Bruce’s Steampunkinetics workshops build art and history into science helping to promote STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, ART, and Math) for atypical and neurotypical children and adults.

Charles Mason

Hello, my name is Charles Edward Mason II. I am a costume designer/Steampunk artist. I have been doing this since I was 19 years old when I worked for a Hollywood make-up special effects studio. There I learned the fundamentals which carried me to this day. In 2009 I revamped my artistic purpose and became a full-fledged Steampunk artist. But I don’t only do just Steampunk art. I sculpt, draw, paint, costume design, foam smith, and I am also a pastry chef. I live and breathe art because it gives me the ability to show the world what original art can look like through my imagination & craft.

Instagram: @charlesmason78   Facebook: Lord Mason Extraordinary Designs

Chief Haazard

Make way for Shenanigans!
Chief Haazard is a man of both whimsy and mayhem, with his outlandish props, gimmicks, and naturally high spirits. The Chief has recently become an international steampunk arms dealer, with many of his signature nerf mods headed overseas, his large props and gimmicks have found their way into the hands of various performers including Pirates, Lions, Clowns, and Dwarves. He has supplied no small amount of nerf weaponry to Dystopia Rising players and helped several interested in cosplay and steampunk flush out their costumes.
That is what the HaazLab was founded on, helping equip cosplayers with that pièce de résistance.

Doc Stone

Doc Stone (aka Wheeler Stone) is the owner-operator and principal Artist of Doc Stone Studios in Winchester, VA. He has been a leather artist and Metalworker for over 25 years and is recognized for his designs worldwide.
Doc Stone has been seen in film roles in “House of cards”, and in notable films such as “The Crucible”, and “Goodwill Hunting”. Wheeler recently had 3 separate roles in AHC’s “American Titans” as well as Guest spots in the reality show “Suddenly Royal”. Wheeler most recently acted in the Steampunk Film “Secret Within the Sphere” to be released later this year.
As the Makers Maker, Doc throws his heart and soul into his art and shares his techniques and knowledge freely. He has been interviewed for the “Frederick News-Post” and “Voice of America”. His Art work was also seen in the BBC show “Animal Incredible”. As a classically trained actor and accomplished maker Doc brings his performance skills home in his teaching. Doc’s workshops reflect his propensity for fun and shenanigans while also leaving his audience with valuable take-home information to further their own projects. Art, theater, and encouraging people to find their personal maker, are the tools of Wheeler’s trade. “Like” Doc Stone Studios on Facebook for more examples of Doc’s work.

J.W. Kinsey

J.W. has been designing and fabricating various large and small commissions for residential and commercial clientele, as well as Hollywood, for the past twenty-five years. His work is published in several prestigious art books, and won several unique awards. He has designed and built several installations across the country, and his pieces sell internationally. J.W.’s work has been stylistically consistent since the mid 1990’s, inspiration primarily deriving from a Vintage Industrial motif.
J.W. Kinsey’s pieces are wondrous fabrications celebrating the joys of craftsmanship from bygone imaginings. Spelunking the bottomless depths of the colloquial “What is it?” and the always nefarious “What’s the F’n point?”, Kinsey’s sculptures capture the viewer’s attention, briefly.  J.W. resides with his wife Katelyn in Silverton, OR, and can ride a unicycle.


Get ready to meet Karianne, the queen of creativity and owner of three epic businesses in Detroit, Michigan: Versidian Armory, Dungeons and DiceBags, and Freya’s Foundry. With almost 20 years of experience as a full-time professional leather artist, Karianne knows a thing or two about crafting the coolest stuff on the planet. From leather D20 dice bags and purses to rollable leather dice and handmade resin dice, she’s got all your Dungeons and Dragons needs covered. But that’s not all – Karianne is also a jewelry smith and adventurer, traveling the country in search of the most stunning semi-precious rocks and minerals to turn into one-of-a-kind wearable art. Karianne is a true jack-of-all-trades with skills in tattoo artistry, metalsmithing, costuming, prop building, and more. She was even featured on the hit reality TV show “Steampunk’d” as a leather worker, fabricator, prop maker, and steampunk designer. So if you’re into woodworking, carving, painting, steampunking furniture, photorealistic art, or just want to surround yourself with the coolest stuff on the planet, Karianne is the person to know.

Leah Blaydon

Leah Blaydon is one half of the Silverwolf Leather dynamic duo, run jointly for the last 7 years with her partner Steve Blaydon. With over a decade of work in soft leather goods under her well-made belt, she brings a unique perspective on form and function into her designs. Her beautiful hand-made cutwork and appliqué have gained her quite the reputation! With a vast and varied resume, this Jill of all trades knows a little about a lot of subjects – including snowmaking, metalworking, and knitting.

Lord and Lady Towers

Lord and Lady Towers are a steampunk maker duo known for their larger than life creations such as fantastical Steampunk Vehicles, Giant Steam-Powered Dinosaurs, and Mechanical Backpacks! Located out of Brookings Oregon, these two are often spotted walking around trying to find their wayward time vortex. Currently featured in the game Twisted Skies and Zephyr Winds of Change, their props and costumes have also been featured in multiple web series and music videos and won several awards for best costume and prop design. Known for their kindness and quirky senses of humor, checking out this unique steampunk duo is a must for those interested in unique creations and great conversations!

Madame Askew and The Grand Arbiter

Madame Askew is a time-traveling tea aficionado, obsessed with cats, fashion, and the proper uses for headgear. As one of the creators of Compliment Duelling, Madame relishes bestowing witty compliments nearly as much as she adores sharing her sewing insights and experience. For more than a decade, Madame has hosted a monthly steampunk book club that has now
gone virtual as the Temporal Textual Talks.
The Grand Arbiter is the highest authority on compliments, wit, and Tea-based Equity. Not only is he an enthusiast of the fine art of Tea Duelling and the splendours of Splendid Teapot Racing, but he is also a vocal proponent for extraordinary waistcoats paired with the perfect coiffure. For the past decade, he has shared his unique philosophical perspective on Steampunk as well as
championing more accessible and inclusive fan spaces. 
As two of the founders of the Tea Scouts, these two time traveling vixens share their passion for cheekiness, whimsy, and inclusion in steampunk spaces. Madame Askew and the Grand Arbiter are often the center of tea-inspired escapades, particularly Tea Duelling and Splendid Teapot Racing. Over the last decade, they have developed their lively and welcoming Temporal Entourage communiTea with whom they created an entirely virtual convention, the Steampunk CommuniTea Weekend.

MJ Kammueller

MJ Kammueller, creator of A.S.G.A.R.D. is a professional picture framer by day, and a creative whirlwind at all times. Between her art, writing, maker projects, and musical education, steampunk influences every creative aspect of her life. She has recently finished her first full-length steampunk novel, and frequently holds informative panels on character development and design for cosplay at several conventions.


Necrofessor is an interdimensional plague doctor inhabiting the body of Tony Gage, creator of Plague Life. It started as a webcomic in 2015 and has grown into animations, short films, music, games, and more chronicling the adventures of the eccentric plague doctor.
Necrofessor makes annual appearances in steampunk/sci fi events across the country to perform demonstrations on plague history, necromancy, sēances, prop building, as well as maker workshops and interactive exhibits.

Tayliss Forge

Tayliss Forge is a non-binary designer, maker, and model located in Orange County, California. They are full-time bridal seamstress who specializes in full-body alterations, beading, repairs, custom sleeves, and custom accessories. Tayliss is also a professional in corset making, leather working, and transformation alterations. Many of their costumes are heavily influenced by historical fashion, science fiction, and fantasy. They also enjoy making replicas of props, jewelry, and clothing from films, TV shows, anime, video games, or board games.
For over a decade, Tayliss has made creations to bring to conventions, themed events, LARPs, and festivals. Their work has been featured on web shows, music videos, broadway performances, and TV shows.
It is their pleasure to teach other crafters tips and tricks to make one-of-a-kind pieces. Tayliss is overjoyed to be back at WWWC to answer any and all questions!

Tobias McCurry

Tobias McCurry, the founder of Spring Heeled Studios by Tobias McCurry, is a prop maker, entertainer, and event producer based in Seattle who is infamously known for his appearance on the TV show Steampunk’d. Tobias works in a myriad of genres ranging from Steampunk to Post-Apocalyptic, creating immersive works involving mixed media to provide memorable moments for the Nerd community at large.

And more to come!

You heard us right! We have even more special guests we’re finalizing contracts with,
so stop by soon and meet even more amazing people!