Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention 12   •    February 29th – March 3rd, 2024    •    In Tucson, AZ


WWWC-12 New Main Logo -NoTop 2K

WWWC11 – Theme

The Steampunk Roaring 20's

Theme description and information.


Fashion & Costume Ideas

This is our best, most exclusive pass to WWWC11, we sell a very limited quantity and they sell out fast!

  • This Aristocrat pass is a full 3-day pass (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) to WWWC11
  • The exclusive Saturday night catered Aristocrat Dinner is included!
  • Our new and improve Aristocrat’s Lounge including dedicated Aristocrat staff
  • Special Meet & Greets with VIPs for Aristocrats
  • a gift bag including special Aristocrat-only items
  • And many more wonderful advantages!

1920's Slang

This is our best, most exclusive pass to WWWC11, we sell a very limited quantity and they sell out fast!

  • Ankle: to walk
  • “Applesauce!”: “Horsefeathers!”
  • “Bank’s closed!”: what you tell someone to stop making out
  • Bearcat: a lively, spirited woman, possibly with a fiery streak
  • Berries: like “bee’s knees,” denotes that something is good, desirable or pleasing. “That sounds like berries to me!”
  • Bluenose: term for a prude or individual deemed to be a killjoy
  • Cash: a smooch
  • Cheaters: Glasses or bifocals
  • Darb: something deemed wonderful or splendid, similar to “berries”
  • Dewdropper: like lollygagger, a slacker who sits around all day and does nothing, often unemployed
  • “Don’t take any wooden nickels!”: “Don’t do anything dumb!”
  • Egg: a person who leads an absurdly wealthy, extravagant lifestyle (see: Gatsby’s “West Egg”)
  • Four-flusher: someone who mooches off the money of others in order to feign wealth
  • Giggle water: liquor, alcoholic beverage
  • “Go chase yourself!”: “Get out of here!”
  • Handcuff: engagement ring
  • Half-seas over: very drunk
  • Hayburner: a car with poor gas-mileage, a guzzler
  • Hotsy-totsy: attractive, pleasing to the eye
  • Icy mitt: rejection from the object of one’s affection, as in: “He got the icy mitt.”
  • Iron one’s shoelaces: to excuse oneself for the restroom
  • Jake: okay, fine, as in “Don’t worry, everything’s jake.”
  • Jorum of skee: a swig of alcohol, particularly hard liquor
  • Know your onions: to know what’s up or what’s going on
  • “Let’s blouse!”: “Let’s blow this popsicle stand!”
  • Manacle: Wedding ring
  • Mazuma: Dollar bills, cash, money
  • Mrs. Grundy: an uptight or very straight-laced individual
  • Noodle juice: tea.
  • “Now you’re on the trolley!”: “Now you’ve gotten it right!”
  • Oliver Twist: an extremely good dancer.
  • On a toot: on a bender
  • Ossified: drunk
  • Quilt: an alcoholic beverage that keeps you warm
  • “Phonus balonus!”: “That’s nonsense!” 
  • Sinker: a doughnut
  • Sockdollager: an event or action of great importance
  • Spifflicated: inebriated
  • “Tell it to Sweeney!”: what you say when you believe something to be untrue; “Tell it to someone who would buy that!”

We do not offer refunds for passes, tickets or other purchases. Passes do not include Make & Take Workshops, Absinthe Tasting, or other Special Events except as specifically noted. Events will occur rain or shine. Specifications, details, times, entertainers, guests and other information subject to change without notice.