Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention 13        March 20-23, 2025     In Tucson, AZ


WWWC Code of Conduct and Policies

We want everyone to feel safe and respected at our events.

We have worked hard to develop a code of conduct and policies that we take seriously.

If you are feeling unsafe or want to report something, please contact anyone on our WWWC Security Team or visit the WWWC Inspector General’s office.
We handle all situations respectfully and have male and female staff available to discuss. 

Our policies are stored as Google Docs and Google forms so we can update them as needed and get responses immediately. Print versions of reporting forms are also available. 

It is possible to report something annonymously and we will respect your privacy.

If you believe laws were broken or you feel in imminent danger (or otherwise feel the need) please contact the Police or Casino Security Officers.