Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention 13        March 20-23, 2025     In Tucson, AZ


WWWC12 Drag & Burlesque Show

The Good, The Bad, and the Naughty!

Friday March 1st - at 7pm in Ballroom E

Kings, and queens, and burlesque, oh my! Whether you’re a hero, a villain, or something in between we promise to provide a tantalizing tableau of talent that is sure to entice and entertain! Freddy Prinze Charming is thrilled to once again be bringing some of the best entertainers in Arizona to the WWWC stage for “The Good, the Bad, and the Naughty!
We’re excited to welcome back the ever-cheeky Madam Askew and the Grand Arbiter as our titillating emcees for the evening.
So hang on to your capes and supersuits, and get ready for a wild ride!

Please note that tipping entertainers is encouraged but not required.
This is an adults-only (18+) event that includes a drag show and burlesque performances, acrobatic elements, coarse language and humor, pasty-covered breasts, and other content not suitable for kids. This event is intended to be in good humor and taste but some people may be offended by the content.

Adora Nite

Making her triumphant return to our stage is the fabulous Adora Nite!
Adora has performed over 30 solo aerial burlesque acts since 2018 on a variety of apparatus. She has performed all over the valley including events such as Phoenix FanFusion, Southwest Decadence Conference and Wild Wild West Con. Over the last year she has performed at Burlesque festivals in Ohio, New Mexico and Vermont.

Alan Wrench

Alan Wrench has been strutting around stages all over Arizona with his signature 70’s swagger since 2017. Known for his comedic antics, he specializes in nerdlesque, bringing your favorite offbeat characters to life for your viewing pleasure. And remember, whatever you have that needs fixing, he is “the right tool for the job.”

Angel SainteSynn

With a sparkle of heaven and a shimmy of sin, Angel SainteSynn has graced the Phoenix burlesque stages with Spellbound in 2019 and more recently, Three Fates Revue, and Vavavoom. In addition, she is a member of a bellydance and fire dancing troupe. Angel is inspired by classic burlesque and old Hollywood glamor, but most of all Nerdlesque. She’s tingling with anticipation to share an act from one of her favorite steampunk fandoms.

Ben Havoc

Ben Havoc (he/they) is a nonbinary transmasculine Filipino drag king who has been gracing Arizona stages for 6 years. He has performed in numerous productions throughout the valley, including the Phoenix Fan Fusion’s Queen Lantern Corps Dragstravaganza and the Phoenix Pride Festival. Ben has dabbled in everything from pageantry to horror drag, from original concepts to cosplay. Whether it’s a set of ogre teeth and a pair of horns, or glittering sparkle and glam, Ben is sure to entertain!

Eve Riot

Eve Riot (they/them) is a California Crypid who is now Bourbon Country Based. This West Coast transplant is an original sinner for the modern world – bringing kink, classic, and occasionally comedy to the stage to tempt you as a burlesque performer and MC. They can often be seen with fellow tea fanatics Madame Askew & The Grand Arbiter at steampunk conventions from coast to coast. They’ve performed everywhere from local bar tops to the Burlesque Hall of Fame! Newly moved to Louisville they look forward to exploring the area and finding new stages to be the equal opportunity cheesecake factory to your delectable desires!

Felicia Minor

Meet Felicia Minor, a vibrant and talented drag queen, entertainer, co-host, producer, and social media guru. Her passion for entertaining began in 2007 and was unleashed in 2009 with her husband’s support. She has won various titles and awards, including Miss Gay Supernova USofA Newcomer 2011.
In addition to her incredible talent on stage, Felicia also co-hosts and produces the popular YouTube show, “Let’s Have a Fefe” with Arizona’s Most Decorated King, Freddy Prinze Charming. This fun and off-kilter show features special guests and is broadcasted live on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. MST/Arizona on http://www.youtube.com/letshaveafefe.
Felicia’s commitment to giving back to her community is another aspect of her inspiring character. She has raised funds for non-profit and community organizations, including raising more than $5,000 during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Felicia’s uplifting personality and dedication to her craft and community make her an inspiration to others. She’s always willing to lend her talents to up-and-coming entertainers, helping with pageants, and makeup, and teaching the new generation of divas how to channel their own brand of fierceness, reminding them, and everyone else, to “Rock their fabulosity!”

Freddy Prinze Charming

Freddy Prinze Charming has been doing his thing on the stage since 2005. An award-winning drag artist, producer, and emcee, he’s performed around the country, garnered dozens of awards and accolades, and is the co-host of Arizona’s longest-running drag livestream ‘Let’s Have a Fefe’. One of his most recent accomplishments was co-producing the drag show at Phoenix Fan Fusion 2023, to a packed house of thousands! He is a former state, regional, and national titleholder, as well as a former Mister Phoenix Pride, and spends a good chunk of his time giving back to his community in the form of speaking at conferences, serving on multiple boards, and being a storyteller with Drag Story Hour.

Isis D. Frost

Isis D. Frost is a former Arizona Entertainer of the Year and a forever Miss Gay Tucson America. She is the big girl who twirls! She is excited to celebrate another year of drag and entertainment and bring love, joy and happiness to the crowd!

Justin Cider

Please welcome back the wonderful Justin Cider!
Justin Cider is a drag king hailing from the proud city of Glendale, Arizona. He is a professional himbo with an undergrad in clowning from Silly Goose University. Justin has been bounding his buffonery across stages for 7 years, including at Phoenix Fan Fusion, Wild Wild West Con, Phoenix pride, Rainbow Fest, and a one time trip on the National Stage where he tied for top 12. From worms on a string to Raunchy Cartoon Fathers, Justin hopes whatever he brings to you will put a smile on your face!

Mara Chino

Please welcome to the stage the delicious Mara Chino!
Mara Chino (like the cherries and twice as sweet!) has been strutting her pasties across Arizona’s stages for the last seven years. Her acts bring out her love of cosplay, with a cheeky twist that is sure to tickle your fancy and titillate your senses.

Primrose Path

Please welcome for The Good, The Bad, and The Naughty the fabulous Primrose Path! Primrose Path sashayed into the spotlight in 2011. She has been a regular performer in many Phoenix area burlesque shows and has performed nationally in festivals. She brings her signature old Hollywood glamour and grace to the burlesque stage. Her vintage style and high class taste bewitches audiences; she’s got curves that will lead you astray.

Rita Bane

Rita Bane, originally from Orlando, Florida, is a drag entertainer now based in Glendale, Arizona since 2021. Fusing classic glamour with pop culture elements, she identifies as a “New Age Showgirl” grounded in pageant traditions. Beyond the stage, Rita is a dedicated advocate for sexual health, emphasizing HIV/AIDS awareness and combating related stigmas.

Sonia Rita

Sonia Rita is a Wild West native and modern burlesque dancer with a background in traditional Folklorico training!
She produces all of Bisbee Arizona’s biggest shows at a bar once owned by Wyatt Earp and works as a showgirl in Las Vegas’ Babes & Blues show.
This combo of tradition and glamour is one not to be missed!

This is not even our full list of entertainers, performers, special guests, and wonderful Steampunk humans!

We have many more amazing people to introduce you to, so stay tuned to this page and our Facebook page for regular updates and information!