Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention 12   •    February 29th – March 3rd, 2024    •    In Tucson, AZ


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Application – Vendor

WWWC10 (2021) Vending Application

You will be contacted shortly after filling out the form with a payment link.

All spaces and options are first-come-first-serve and will sell out.
We jury our vendors, so not all vendors will be accepted (primarily to reduce vendors selling the same items and ensure quality and value for our guests).

Information & Space Types

Spaces are for all three days of the convention.

There are three major Vendor areas available at WWWC:

Stage-II (type A & B): A large, indoor vendor area. Includes a stage, food and drink bar and restrooms. Electrical power is included. Also referred to as the “Vendor Barn”. 2 chairs, 6-ft table and access to electrical power is included with every space.

WWWC Vendor Tent (type C): Huge 150-foot long outdoor tent with side walls and transparent windows that has space for many vendors. 2 chairs, 6-ft table and access to electrical power is included with some of the spaces.

Vendor-Supplied Tent spaces (type D): over 6,000 square feet of total space is available for large individual tents.

Information you need to know:

Vendor Badge: all full size (not half-size) options (A,B,C and D) include two “Vendor Badges”. A vendor badge functions the same as a regular 3-day Maverick pass, with the added benefit of designating you as a vendor (so you can get in during setup and teardown, etc. This is important for our security team.)

Free for all park guests: a Horse-Drawn Trolley! This popular attraction is a open-air, 20-person horse-drawn trolley transport that is free to all guests and runs continuously during Old Tucson park hours. This takes patrons from the Old Tucson main street (behind the Saloon) to the vendor area (dropping off in the vendor tent / vendor barn area)!5

Vendor Rules:

  • Vendors and vendor staff will treat convention and Old Tucson staff, volunteers and fellow vendors with the utmost respect.
    Any blatant disrespect of another person is not tolerable and may result in being asked to leave and the inability to attend any future events.
  • No selling of merchandise that contains WWWC or OT logo or brand names.
  • Vendors are responsible for the applicable City of Tucson, State of Arizona, and Federal taxes.
  • Vendors are responsible for ensuring their merchandise and equipment.
  • WWWC & OT are not responsible for vendor/customer disputes regarding merchandise.
  • Vendors are to conduct transactions in a timely and professional manner.
  • Vendors are responsible for cleaning and maintaining a safe work environment.
  • After teardown, vendors are required to leave their space completely clean and free of any debris, zip ties, etc.
  • No flammable liquids are allowed. No closed or open flames are allowed.
  • No blocking or loitering in traffic corridors or points of egress.
  • No moving of furniture that is situated for a purpose.
  • No blockage or removal of any fire protection equipment.
  • Vendors are responsible for obeying WWWC & OT rules of conduct.
  • No refund of vendor space fees will be offered 90 days prior to the convention.
  • If the convention is canceled WWWC will issue refunds within 90 days
  • Acceptance of a WWWC membership or vendor badge and admission to the convention constitutes an agreement to allow WWWC and OT to use your image or likeness for promotion within any media format.
  • Represent OT & WWWC in a professional and courteous manner.
  • No abusive or foul language.
  • No fighting.
  • No permanent modification of any OT structure.
  • No animals, except for service animals. (OT does allow any well-behaved pets at the park, but we want to minimize animals in the Vending areas.)
  • For External (outdoor) tent spaces: Your tent must be able to withstand wind gusts up to and including 40mph.  Please ensure your tent is made of heavy canvas and can be secured with stakes. Your stakes must be hammered into the ground.

Failure to follow these rules will result in your removal from the convention and forfeiture of your convention member passes. There are no refunds for vendor space or member passes.

Vendor Load-in and Load-out:

LOAD-IN to Old Tucson starts on Thursday morning at 9:00 am and must be completed Thursday afternoon by 5:00 pm.

LOAD-OUT from Old Tucson starts on Sunday evening at 5:00 pm and ends at 7:00 pm. Load-out resumes Monday morning at 8:00 am and must be completed by 10:00 am.*

*We need to return the tents, tables, and merchandise. Any vendor merchandise, equipment or other property left after 10:00 am on Monday is subject to be moved or otherwise relocated as necessary to make room for our clean-up crew. Please call our Vendor staff to make any special arrangements to pick up your property. (This happens every year and we make every effort to not damage vendor property, but we can not make any guarantees.)

You may be able to load-in and load-out during other times with specific permission of our Vendor Manager, Zoë. Without permission in writing, all stated load-in and load-out times will apply.