Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention 13        March 20-23, 2025     In Tucson, AZ


The official Heroes vs Villains WWWC12 Card Game!

What is it?

Pick your side - will you be team Hero or team Villian?

Good and evil are colliding at the convention in an epic showdown between heroes and villains! Adrenaline-pumping games, action-packed events, and intense Nerf battles will pit the forces of light against the armies of darkness. Will righteousness reign supreme or will wickedness emerge triumphant? The fate of the world hangs in the balance and the power lies in the hands of the attendees! Choose your allegiance wisely and fight with all your might!

Attending panels, events, games, and many other activities during the convention will gain you cards!
You may also purchase some at the Community Outreach Tables.

THE WWWC12 official Heroes vs Villains card game is an exciting way to enjoy the convention and battle the other team to win ultimate victory!

We’re tracking every point that you earn for your team! 

Help your team win!

We’re tracking every point that you earn for your team!

Every card is worth a set amount of points (40 points in the example shown here) – take your cards to The Community Outreach tables to add those points to your team’s score! 

Your card will be marked so it can’t be used again.
 (That’s right Villians, we thought of that already…)

Even if you don’t want to play the Card Game, you can still collect points for your team!

Duel overview

A duel is a contest between two sides!

You can battle the opposing teamor your own!
Let’s be fair, Villians betray each other for fun sometimes, don’t they?

Discuss with your opponent: 
– Are we using only cards that haven’t been cashed in for points (more valuable!) 
– Are we playing for keeps? (You CAN play without the possibility of winning cards, but what fun is a game without risk?)

Let your opponent know if you're Team Hero or Team Villain - it matters durng the game!

How it works

You gather your cards and stack them face down. Face off against your opponent and play your card against theirs one-by-one (much like the card game “War”). 

As you compare cards, each match is either victory, defeat, or draw for your card, after all cards have been played, each person collects their winning cards and the duel is complete.

You will win or lose cards based on how your deck performs. 

Front of the Game Cards!

Begin with a challenge!

I challenge you to a Duel!

Size up your opponent and invite them to play! They can accept or refuse, and if they agree then it’s time to battle! (Slapping them with a glove is discouraged.)

You’re never required to duel, you’re not always free and perhaps you may be on your way to one of our panels or events. You can always set up a time later!

Back of the Game Cards!

How to Play!

1. Stack your cards face-down

Make a pile of cards that you’ll be dueling with!  (Count to make sure you both have the same number of cards.)
(This is the “play stack“)
Stack that up and when you’re ready:
grab the top card and compare it against your opponent’s top card!

Once you have determined which card wins, return to step 2 with the next card.

2. Rock-Paper-Scissors!

That’s right, compare the symbols in the bottom-right corner of your card. 
RPS has three outcomes: Win, Loose, or Draw!

Win: Take both cards and put them in your “Win” pile (not your play stack)!
Loose: Your opponent takes both cards and puts them in their “Win” pile!
Draw: FUN! Continue to step 3. 

Win or Lose – Repeat step 2 on the next card in your stack!

3. Draw - It's a power struggle now!

What – you tied? 
We’ll settle this the hard way…
with pure POWER! 

Compare your card’s Power vs your opponent’s: the higher number wins!

Win: Take both cards and put them in your “Win” pile (not your play stack)! 
Loose: Your opponent takes both cards and puts it in their “Win” pile!
Draw: EXTRA FUN! Continue to step 4. 

4. Compare teams - sometimes you win on a technicality...

Notice the “H” and “V” on your cards?

This is where your team comes into play!

Compare: Does your card match the team you’re playing for? Does your opponent’s team match the card they’re playing? 

If one of you has a card matching your team and the other doesn’t then loyalty wins the day!

Win: Your team matches and your opponent’s doesn’t – take both cards and put them in your “Win” pile (not your play stack)!

Loose: Your opponent’s team matches their card and yours doesn’t – your opponent takes both cards and puts them in their “Win” pile!

Draw: Either both cards match your teams, or neither does. In that case, even the legal system isn’t going to win this fight! Amazingly both cards survive the fight! Put your card in your “Win” pile and your opponent puts their card in their own “Win” pile!  

5. Repeat until all cards in your Play Stack have fought!

Go back to step 3, drawing and comparing cards until your play stacks are empty!

If one of you has a card left in your play pile and the other doesn’t: mock them for being bad at counting. The battle is still over and the extra card(s) are kept by their owner. 


After all cards from your play stacks have been played, count up how many cards you won and compare them vs your opponent!

The person with the most cards is the overall winner! Kudos! Let the bragging begin!

Regardless of the winner, you only win the cards in your “Win” pile.
The winner does not take ALL of the cards played.
Leaving your opponent with no cards is rather uncomon – but it could happen if you win all the matches!

Fun facts!

Since step 4 in the duel compares teams:

A deck with cards mostly on your team will give you an advantage! (though it’s uncommon for this to happen!)

This is a friendly game!

Please resolve all conflicts in a friendly and courteous way, if there’s confusion or ambiguity in the rules please go with whatever makes sense to you both – or void the match and return your cards to their original owners. We don’t have judges to oversee matches.

High-points cards are valuable!

Most importantly: the high-value cards offer quite a few points for your team, but they also resolve battles in your favor more often! The game is designed with Rock-Paper-Scissors as the first stage however because often being clever and fast wins over being strong.