Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention 12   •    February 29th – March 3rd, 2024    •    In Tucson, AZ


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WWWC12 Heroes vs Villains Game

Hello friends! At WWWC12 we're running a wonderful game.

The Heroes vs Villains game is a battle between two opposed teams on a quest for victory over the opposition. 

This game will run from Thursday evening through Sunday afternoon. Points will be totaled and the winning team will be announced at the closing ceremony!

Hero or Villain? The choice is yours!

Get a Hero or Villian ribbon for your badge at the Community Outreach desk and declare your alleigance for all to see! 

This matters for both uses of cards, so make sure to proudly display your allegiance!


The Heroes vs Villains game is focused on collecting game cards to be used in various ways, the most important of which is using the cards to give your team victory points!

How do I get cards?

There’s many ways including: Attending panels, participating in events and contests, search the Vendor Hall, and many more! Find our staff members, some may secretly be holding a secret stash of cards to give out…

Gaining victory points for your team

Take your cards to the Community Outreach booth in the main hallway and declare your team to one of our staff! 

The points labeled on your cards will be totaled and added to your team’s point total!
The person helping you will punch your cards (so they can’t be reused for points) and return them to you. 

Counted cards are marked so they can only be used once for points!

The person helping you will punch or mark your cards (so they can’t be reused for points) and return them to you. 
Counted cards are still valid to use in the Card Duel!


And now for something completely different!

Card Duels are a combination of the card game War, and “Rock, Paper, Scissors” with some extra spice.

Parts of a card

Each card has a Symbol for “Rock, Paper, or Scissor” and a team color (Red for Villians and blue for Heroes). 

Issue a challenge!
  • Challenge another player to a duel! 
  • You can challenge people on the other team or the same team – it’s up to you!
Pick the number of cards and decide: used or unused?
  • Agree on how many cards you and your opponent will fight with!  We’ll call this your Duel Stack.  The remainder are left in your hand, and will not be affected by this Duel.
  • Agree on if you’re dueling with uncounted points or points that have already been comitted to a team. (The counted cards will be marked.)
  • Be clear if you’re playing for fun or for keeps. Does the winner get to keep all the cards that they win? (By default the game is played to keep the cards won.) 
  • Variant: If you want to play “All or Nothing High Stakes!” where the winner of the most hands keeps ALL of the cards in play, you can play that way as long as you agree to it before you begin play. (High Stakes is not the default play style, usually you’re playing to win a pair of cards at a time.)
  • “Let’s have a Card Duel with 5 cards, only unused cards – for keeps!” 
Shuffle, stack and play!
  • Shuffle and place the Duel Stack of your cards face down, get ready! 
  • No, you may not specifically pick cards to play with, randomly select the correct number from your deck and then shuffle them before play. 
The Duel!
  • Pull one card off the top of your deck and compare against your opponent’s card…

There’s 3 ways to determine a victor:
starting with RPS, then Teams, and finally Points!

1. Rock - Paper - Scissors! (RPS)
  • Look at the RPS icon on your cards and compare them. 
  • Rock beats Scissors, Scissors cuts Paper, and Paper surrounds Rock
  • If both cards have the same RPS type, it’s a tie! (Compare Teams)
2. Compare Teams!
Are you both on different teams (Heros vs Villains)?
  • Are both cards the same team? Whoever is on that team wins!
  • If both cards are different, it’s a tie! (Compare points)
Are you both on the same team (Heros vs Heros)?
  • If both cards are different, the card that matches your team is the winner! 
  • If both cards are on the same team, it’s a tie! (Compare Points)
3. Highest Points Wins!
  •  Wait, you’re saying you tied on RPS, and then your teams didn’t decidea winner? Epic! Here’s your last chance to win.
  • Compare the points at the top of the card, the highest point card is more powerful and it wins! 
  • If your cards are so evenly matched that their points are the same… then they survive the battle unharmed and exits play! Your card goes back into your deck, and so does your opponent’s. No one wins that card. 
Next card!
  • Deal the next card in your deck and compare! Using the RPS/Teams/Points method described above.
  • Continue until all the cards in your decks have been compared. 
  • If you’re playing for reguar stakes, you keep the stack of cards you won.
  • If you’re playing “high stakes” compare the number of cards won by each side, the one with the most total wins is the victor and keeps ALL of the cards played! (with the exception of cards that “survive the battle”). 
  • Either way, the one who took the most hands is considered the winner!
  • If there’s some cards you can’t live without, put them away so they’re not going to get shuffled into your Duel Stack. 
  • The more cards you have that match your own team, the more likely you are to win a team comparison, and the more likely it is that you’ll keep them.  Funny how cards tend to find their way home, isn’t it?
  • If you find other fun ways to enjoy the card game, or you just really like it, please let us know so we can improve it and posssibly bring it back at future events!

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